Antique Light Plants
Antique Light plants are engine/generator  combinations made for home use.

Pix of
            Kohler 1.5 kw light plant (1946)
gencoThese "Generators, or power plants filled a need from the 1890s to the 1940s for electricity for the home and farm after electric lighting and appliances were readily available but Power was not available to rural locations.  The dates are not firm some of these Light Plants are still in use in the Adirondack park in NY and in other locations.
I welcome your reports of  Light Plants still in use.  Please send pictures as well.
The purpose of this site is to display pictures of  Light Plants,  exchange information on how they work,  and maybe discover some old ones that need a new home.
Why a page about Light Plants,  Because I like them.
Note.  The pictures are on other pages to keep the size of this first page to a minimum.

Pictures and descriptions

Appliances from back then
Fairbanks Morse
Antique light fixtures and outlets from back then
Other brands

  "I have heard my dad talk about how the
rich farmers could be found at night by going through the country side
and seeing who had lights and who didn't."

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