Jensen Transformer for

  • Transparent sound
  • Stops "hum and buzz" problems in musical 
             instrument hook-ups

Take up little space on stage
Keep working.
Doesn’t have a bunch of switches to get put in the wrong position.

You don’t need or want a bunch of switches to adjust all sorts of things down there on the stage.
If you are at the board and realize something isn’t right in the middle of a set you are stuck.
You have those controls on your board. You certainly don’t want a filter switch to alter the sound.

This DI box has a ground lift switch.
Nothing to get moved to wrong position. Nothing to break. Nothing for others to mess with. Just plug it in.

This simplicity also allows us to keep all audio wiring short and tightly twisted to further prevent hum.

We made it all metal 4.38 in by 2.38 in by 1.43 in so it is small and light and strong. Nothing sticks out anywhere. It is easy to stuff in your gig bag. Nothing breaks off nothing hooks on cords or other stuff on the stage or in your bag.

All your plugs go in the same side. That way it and its plugs take up less space on the stage. It also saves time during setup. Usually you will lay the box on it's side with the cords coming out the side and laying on the floor. You can route your cords like any other box It just takes less room.


Cost $148.00  Shipping for up to 3 is $8.05

Jensen transformer (JT-DB-E)

Aluminum case

(The transformer is extremely well shielded magnetically by an 80% nickel alloy can that is about 300 times more effective than steel.)  A steel box would not help and if magnetized it could hurt.

Gold plated terminal Neutrik XLR jack. Shell is not connected to case  (If you use a cord with pin 1 tied to the shell you will not bypass the ground lift switch.)

¼ in instrument jacks are open construction that can be adjusted and cleaned.)

Ground lift switch on Pin 1

RF ground remains when ground is lifted.

Weight 10.2 oz.

Box can be disassembled and serviced
Schematic Here