Complete Mechanical system design.  


   The Customer said "During alignment of the individual arms we have seen fringes so stable you would swear they were not live."



The customer supplied the optical design.
LBP supplied the
Mechanical design and detailing with very close cooperation feedback and input from the customer.
 This was a delightful relationship with  LBP and the customer working hard to make the system work.

 Picard Industries

Picard builds a extensive line of USB powered and controlled devices.  LBP provides the mechanical design for many of these products.

Shown Hexapod, Shutter, Filter Wheel


Ice PlateQore Performance Invented this great product to keep people cool while working outside.

 LBP Worked with the people at Qore Preformance and with plastics manufactures to optimize it for blow molding.    LBP is proud to be part of helping workers "Stay Frosty"

Black_DI.jpg Direct Box  

This is a LBP Product.  I was frustrated by the mechanical design of available DI boxes so I designed my own.  Mechanical by LBP,  Electrical by Jensen Transformer.

MPT1000_clean_copy.jpgChapman Instruments MTP 1000 

Mechanical Design 

We did the mechanical design for this new product working with their in-house mechanical design shop and their optics department.
 They are a busy, successful company and needed some extra help as they developed a new product while continuing development of there existing products.
 We were their for them.


fire_light.jpg Here is an existing product that we redesigned .

 It had 45 parts when we started and 15 when we finished.
 It cost a lot less to make and works better.

  The base is also the socket, Mounting clips for the top, mounting bracket for the motor, half the bearing, reflector retention, cord strain relief, terminal strip, wire routing guide, heat sink.

A new improvement to a very old and proven theater rigging system.

SureLock®     010-600R     US Patent 7,165,295    Frank Dewitt (LBP) and Rodney Kaiser (JR Clancy)

  • Will not open if the set is more than 50 lbs. out of balance, preventing rigging "runaways".
  • Indicates if the set is balanced, batten heavy or arbor heavy.

gatemanflagger-down.jpgGateManFlagger  A pneumatic powered automated flagger

LBP designed this completely including the patented Pneumatic system for simplicity and safety. We even did the trailer design.





PillPopper.jpg It's hard to make things simple.

The customer wanted an affordable simple way to remove pills from bulk cards.

It's a success, and a Patent is pending