How does this work?

We talk over what you need and come up with a plan. 

Usually it is a multi-step process.

  • I learn what you have in mind and build a quick 3D model so you can be sure I understand, and we can talk about it.

  • I revise the model untill it is just what you need.

  • I refine the model to show all the details of your new design.

  • Once you aprove this design I begin detailing all the parts for mfg.

  • If needed, I help you find a vendor for your parts.


I work Fast 

  • I produce 3D models at regular intervals as we go along so you have a clear picture of what we are doing together.

  • You hire me for as long as you need me. Then I am off to the next project.

  • You just got a new product.

  • You had the use of a Mechanical Designer with great ideas and years of experience. Now I am gone until you need me again.


We have designed production machine tools and one of a kind inspection equipment.

We have applied creativity and "Design For Manufacturability" to remove half the parts from a small optical sub assembly and from a parking gate.

Special experience in:

   Plastic parts

   Ultra precise optical test equipment

   Equipment for use in Vacuum.

   Power transmission including pneumatic

   Polymer concrete

We work in 3D and we work quickly.


What Does LBP Stand for?